Supported Products and Carriers

InsureNOW offers one-stop shopping for a wide range of product lines and carriers to support the varied needs of your clients. We work closely with some of the industry’s highly-rated and most competitive carriers for life insurance, fixed annuities, long term care and disability insurance and provide you with seamless access to our in-house expertise for each product line.

Life Insurance

Our team has extensive experience with life insurance. From finding the most suitable price for anyone we work with to using innovative processes including electronic signature and policy delivery, we know the most efficient ways to generate revenue in this arena.  We work with insurance carriers and reinsurance companies to design unique products that focus on higher placement ratios and faster cycle times. Innovations will be hitting the market consistently in the coming months and years and InsureNOW will lead the way.

Fixed Annuities

We understand the marketplace and serve your clients well with traditional and innovative annuity products. We keep you informed of industry changes and product enhancements along the way and our team is trained to offer these products from our call centers. We can sell annuities on your behalf or support you in your efforts.

Long Term Care Insurance

As a distributor of long term care insurance, Crump has the resources and expertise to make the sale process a lot simpler. Again, we can sell these products from the call centers or our dedicated long term care associates are available to help you through every step of the process whether you have a single case or need assistance with a multi-life sales opportunity.

Disability Insurance

Selling disability income protection or supporting you in the sale of disability insurance is an important part of what we do. We offer the benefits of working with top distributors of disability insurance, including access to a broad array of competitive products from top disability insurance carriers.


We have built strong relationships and offer products from the industry’s highest-rated and most competitive carriers. We offer products from 16 core carriers and have access to more than 100 leading insurance companies.