Producer Portals

InsureNOW Producer Portals are intuitively designed one-stop-shops that make life, long term care, disability insurance and fixed annuity sales fast and easy. All of our sites can provide access to thousands of products from over 100 highly rated insurance companies, feature innovative drop ticket functionality, and are highly configurable for custom programs.

Standard Features

Drop Ticket is a custom branded easy-to-use, multi-carrier life insurance quoting and drop ticket platform for producers. It features fast, accurate quoting and a short form to get the process started. No more applications to complete, signatures to obtain or forms to chase down. It is simple, secure and profitable!

Our Producer Portals typically include the following user-friendly features:

  • Online Training & Product Research
  • Needs Analysis Tools
  • Quotes, Forms and eApplications*
  • Sales Assist and Drop Ticket*
  • Simplified Issue Product Center*
  • eContracting Checks & Requests*
  • Document Upload*
  • Commission Tracking
  • Real-time Case Status Dashboard
  • Live Support via Phone and Chat
  • Consumer Quoting Site Management Tools*
  • Social Media Marketing Content*
  • Mobile App*
  • 24/7 Availability

* Highlighted below

Sales Assist

Sell Any Product to Any Person in Any State

Need a product specialist? Too busy? Case too small or complicated? Your licensed Sales Assist team is ready to make sales on your behalf for life, long term care, disability insurance, and fixed annuity opportunities. Send us a referral via a phone call or drop ticket and we’ll take it from there!¹

Simplified Issue

Fast Coverage at Competitive Rates
Visit our Simplified Issue center to quote and complete eApps for non-medical term life products from select carriers. The issue time for approved applicants is typically 3-7 days. 

Drop Ticket

Quote, Drop a Ticket, and Let Us Handle the Rest

All of our Advisor Portals include the leading multi-carrier Drop Ticket solution for term insurance. Run a quick term life quote, select your carrier, and then let us complete the app for you. Cases typically process 15 days faster² giving you more time to focus on larger, higher-paying premium cases.


Produce 100% 'In Good Order' Application Submissions

Work smarter with intelligent fillable eApps – hundreds of products available. Enter your client’s information and let the wizard screens walk you through the process, including eSignature.³ Our eApps enable you to produce 100% ‘In Good Order’ application submissions nearly every time.


Get Contracted in a Fraction of the Traditional Time

Get contracted faster and easier using our electronic multi-carrier solution to streamline your appointment requests.³ Once you establish your online profile, cases with new carriers can be processed in a fraction of the traditional time.


Get Your Cases to Us Faster

Submit your files electronically to our application processing team to expedite your case. Any ink-signed, “paper” documents (life, long term care, disability income insurance, and fixed annuity) can be submitted.

Consumer Websites

Generate Leads with a Custom Consumer Quoting Site

Get a no cost Consumer Website that includes your branding, term life insurance quotes, and lead management tools. These sites include customized messages, social media integration, a lead management center, drop ticket integration, marketing services, and detailed reporting.


InsureNOW Tools Available 'On the Go'
InsureNOW’s Mobile App will make life insurance easier than ever for consumers and producers. Consumers will be able to run term quotes and connect with producers in minutes. Producers will be able to run term and perm quotes, drop tickets, make Sales Assist requests, receive notifications, and much more while on the go.4

Social Media Marketing

Share Thought Provoking Content with Your Social Network
Stay connected with InsureNOW marketing content, news, and updates. We post consumer-friendly content every Monday making it easy for you to share with your network via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.5

1 Once the policy is placed inforce, you will receive fifty percent (50%) of the placed case commissions, payable in accordance with your existing compensation level reflected in Crump’s systems on a single-case basis when you are licensed in the state of sale.
2 Based on average case timeframe; specific results may vary.
3 Check with your Crump representative for availability.
Registered and associated persons of FINRA member firms must receive approval from their firm’s compliance department prior to using the text messaging option.
5 Registered and associated persons of FINRA member firms must comply with their firm's social media requirements and with FINRA Rule 2210.